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Double Layer Reverse Long Umbrella


  • Unique Design Double Layer Reverse Long Umbrella
  • Water repellent fabric with 8-rib metal safety frame
  • Inverted design prevents water from dripping, keeping you safe and dry
  • Hands free C-shape handle enables hands free usage of umbrella
  • Convenient built in button for opening and closing umbrella manually
  • Sturdy and big enough to accommodate two people
  • Made with high quality new material, this unique umbrella is strong enough for rain or shine
  • UMBLEA201
  • UMBLEA202
  • UMBLEA203


Uniquely designed double layer reversible umbrella featuring water repellent fabric and 8-rib metal safety constructed frame. An inverted design prevents water from dripping down on you keeping you dry in the wettest of places. Also includes innovative C-shaped handle for hands free usage. Convenient manual button for easy opening and closing.

Additional information

Weight 19 oz
Dimensions 2 × 32 × 2 in



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